‘Fantastic, Breathtaking, Amazing, Aqua Madness, Fun at its Best’ are some of the terms used to describe the Magnificent Mombasa Wild Waters. Located on Links Road, Nyali Area, Wild waters has an exhilarating experience like no other…. from thrill rides for adrenaline-junkies to a lazy river for unwinding to Kids Pool and a play station to multine and Hara-kiri slides to Spirals to Flume bowls to the amazing Rain Dance Area.

The Wild Waters’ slides come in various styles all giving one an exhilarating heart racing experience as you speed down and plunge to the pool…Its faster than the standard legal limit in Kenya; Multine and Hara-kiri slides. A story is told of why the art ended up with that name…It was from Japanese Samurai Culture, Harakiri was the act by Samurai of committing suicide by disembowelment, rather than surrender or be caught by the enemy and undergo humiliation hence considered a dignified way to die. Yes, that is where the amazing wild waters’ team coined the name from, your guess is as good as mine…. Multine and Harakiri are four slides standing next to each other and used more often by family or even groups. Once in the slide, one marks their territory with sliding mats in hand, and then race down the wet slides and skims across the water surface onto the pool…. Wow, it is such an interesting activity, you ought to try it out.

For Spirals, the slides are tube like that run all the way down to the pool. Once inside the spiral tube, its totally dark and when it starts moving, it speedily spiral down into the pool…. One can do it as many times as possible, because its very interesting…Then for flume bowl, its another form of slide though bowl-like structure that spins around in, then finally drops you to the pool. There is everything for everyone…. The place is also popular for kids… The Presence of Water Play Station makes it convenient for children to have fun, as they can climb the structure in the spraying water and splash from all directions in the shallow pool. The most amazing bit about the water play station is its ability to automatically tilts over to pour the water on the play station.

Then to the Lazy River, which is 270-meter river-like channel of water that surrounds the entire water park. It is very interesting as one can just lay a top a tube and drift away in the river while busking in the sunshine while observing what’s going on in your surroundings. Then unto the Rain Dance Area. It is a mind blowing experience, the thought of dancing in the rain though not an actual one with music playing in the background is an experience that you will not want to miss..want to know how it feels, well go and find out yourself,,,,,


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