What’s in my travelling bag: Sibiloi National Park

The Cradle of Mankind, an interesting name huh. Welcome to one of the most prominent archaeological site in Africa the Sibiloi National park. The name Cradle of mankind therefore is derived from the fact that most of the remains of human being evolution were found in this park in Koobi Fora archaeological site. This park is located near Lake Turkana hence this park is home for many aquatic animals such as the Nile crocodiles. The bird population in this park is exceptional, with over three hundred birds species this park hosts both aquatic and earthly birds. Game viewing is a major tourist attraction in this area with the wildlife animals such as gazelles, zebras, lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs and so many more.

While visiting this park you should consider carrying the following items:

  1. Binoculars (optional) – this makes it very easy to view both animals and birds without going so close to them. It goes a long way in reducing the number of likely accidents that could occur.
  2. A back pack- This will help you enjoy the experience comfortably without carrying your luggage with your hands.
  3. Trekking boots/good closed shoes- This is crucial when walking in the archaeological site and the forest to avoid being hit by the rocks or any other item.
  4.  A mask –the place is a semi-desert hence there is a lot of dust. A mask would come in handy while in this location.
  5. Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses: Please wear your sunscreen while here and have your sunglasses on to minimize the effect of the scorching sun on your skin and eyes.
  6. Camping necessities: If you plan on spending the night here, kindly carry the camping essentials such as a sleeping bag, toiletries and some drugs.
  7. Guided map: If you are not using a guide in your trip, please get a guided map to help you survey the area.
  8. Camera- This place has such amazing sites you cannot afford to lack a camera or a phone to capture these beautiful sceneries.
  9. Money: you’ll need money to cater for your needs such as entrance fee to the park, payment to the guides, etc. Budget well.
  10. Water and snacks- Please carry a lot of water and some snacks to keep you as you go through the site.

Park Charges

Kenyan CitizensKenyan ResidentsNon-citizen
Adult (Amount in KSH)Child (Amount in KSH)Adult(Amount in KSH)Children (Amount in KSH)Adult (Amount in USD)Children

Recommended Means of Transport:

By Air:  Take a flight to the park which has two airstrips.

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