Turkana Community

The Turkana community is one of the tribes in Kenya that is not only fascinating but also inspiring. The Turkana Tribe belongs to the Nilotic Ethnic group residing mostly in Turkana and Marsabit. Predominantly, what stands out amongst the Turkana tribe is their culture, craftsmanship, and the annual festival. Do you love fairy tales? The Turkana tribe is also well-known for its great legends. One of the most powerful legends among the Turkana is of the Great Lowalel, who resisted the extension of the British colonial rule alongside his army. Besides, the community believes in ancestral spirits and that their God who they call Akuj created the universe.

And where did they originate from? It is believed they migrated from Southern Sudan and settled around the breathtaking Lake Turkana. As a result, the great Turkana community mainly takes part in fishing and hunting. If you want to learn fishing, you’ll possibly never get a better teacher than an individual from the Turkana community. Also, the community is known for pastoralism. They keep goats, cattle, sheep, poultry, camels, and ducks. The animals provide milk and meat, which are the main sources of food. They also get skin from the animal’s, which they use to make bags and clothing items. Guess what their source of wealth is? The camels, isn’t that intriguing? And if you’ve never tasted camel meat, you should visit them, especially during significant ceremonies.

Have you ever heard of the annual Turkana Cultural Festival? It’s among the top tourist attractions in Kenya. It is a three- day festival that is held in June and takes place at Loiyangalani, Marsabit County. The event attracts thousands of foreign and domestic tourists. The festival is not like any other you’ve seen before; it’s remarkably outstanding! The Turkana tribe showcases a variety of their cultural heritage, such as songs, dances, food, artifacts, costumes, and rituals. The men and women wear the ceremonial costumes made from animal skin and fitted with decorative beads. I must admit, their cultural dance is captivating. You should not be left out this year!

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