Have you ever found yourself in an endless stretch of grassland and savanna coupled with magnificent natural features that include wild animals? Tsavo National Park is the place to go. Right from the sight of fitty million gallons of crystal-clear water, gushing out from Mzima Springs, an under parched lava rock to the Shetani lava flows to the five sister’s hills to the Chaimu Volcanic Crater and Lava field, the list is endless. I mean, where else can you find such a scenery apart from there. The park is bisected by the main Nairobi-Mombasa road and railway. The area lying north of the road is known as Tsavo East and the one on the south, Tsavo West, making it the largest Park not only in Kenya but Africa as well and ranked as one of the largest and oldest parks in the world.

The park is attractive and strikingly beautiful, particularly in the northern section close to the Chyulu Hills. One can drive up to an exciting vantage point like poacher’s Lookout zone, which on a clear day, you can have a view a snowcapped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. The region was made famous by the ‘man eaters of Tsavo’. Two Lions killed around 130 people during the construction of the railway line in 1898. Today, large pride of Lion constitutes to what we know now as the Fabulous Tsavo National Park.

The beautiful scenery is marked by a number of rocky outcrops and volcanic hills. Its landscapes’ is dominated by giant baobabs reputed to live a thousand years. During the rainy season, the park is always filled with white and pink ipomeas and acacia trees of white and pink blossom. Wow the scenery is worth looking forward to… At the entrance of the park through the Chyulu gate, the striking shetani Lava is right there. The black lava flow is 8km long, 1.6km wide and 5meters deep. For those who have not been there you should go, the sight is quite special and spectacular. It’s quite interesting to learn that the word ‘Shetani’ which means devil was a word coined by locals 500 years ago when they first saw ‘fire’ erupting then later ‘flowing’ on the ground. To them, they believed that it was the devil emerging from the earth.

As you approach Chaimu crater famously known as the ‘devil’s crater’ which is a tall rising hill clad in the bright black color of the lava stones. It actually has a pathway that enables one to climb to the top and enjoy the scenery from there, but it is not easy due to its slippery nature. If you think you have seen it all wait until you see the ‘five sister’s hill’, it originated from volcanic eruption. The five almost identical cone shaped hills that resembles one another is located in one area. Just by looking at it, the scenery is stunning and you would not get enough of it (it’s a low ridge of black lava outcrop, long luscious grass and conical hills that makes the Five Sisters) Who on earth would not want to experience such…..

Then down to mzima springs an underground stream flowing from nearby Chyulu hills that has crystal clear water that attracts rich and numerous wildlife. It has well marked nature trails, an observation platform and underwater glass tank. Most importantly the park has magnificent game viewing. Through the thick vegetation with the use of binoculars, one can see the big five with a wide range of antelope species, hippos, giraffes and the spectacular birdlife. Serena Kilaguni Lodge is the perfect spot located at the center of the park, has an excellent game viewing in all directions. If you have not been to Tsavo National Park it is not too late, make an effort to go there,, do not be left out……


Main entrance gate to the park is Mtito Andei which is approximately 233km (144 miles) from Nairobi on Mombasa road when using a bus or private means.

Air – chartered aircraft can land at the park’s multiple airstrips at Chyulu, Mtito Andei, Tsavo, Jipe, Maktau, Kasigau and Ziwani gates.

Railway – take the Nairobi-Mombasa railway which runs right through the park.




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