Hi there, are you living on a budget but you still want to enjoy adventure and tour the world and the country? Worry not, Tiwi Beach is the best destination for you. Quiet place adorned with the white sand and adorable views of the Indian, this destination id best suited for anyone seeking to enjoy solitude moments but yet have a range of activities to choose from when in the mood for an engagement.

Activities to engage in in this destination include; swimming in the beach and enjoying the white and soothing sand at the beach, enjoying the fine breeze in the morning and in the evening. A coastal experience is never complete without a swim in ocean, the private access to the Ocean gives the tourists an opportunity to enjoy a good swim without crowding. The aqua life in this destination encompasses different types of starfish which are hosted in a reef in the destination, this is the only destination that has such a feature among the many beaches in the Kenyan Coast. To get a better view of the Ocean most visitors take a boat ride into the deep sea.

The accommodation options around are cost-friendly and hence affordable to everyone who visits here. The fact that this place is cheaper doesn’t mean that the quality of the visit is any less, not at all the tourists will experience the Swahili culture and the exquisite Swahili dishes and Sea food. The rooms are well furnished with modern fixtures. It is also an opportunity to shop for some artefacts that depict the Kenyan history most especially the Swahili culture. Of keen interest to women are the free dresses well known as Deras which serve as good night dresses. The cost per night in this destination ranges from US$4 to US$300 per night depending on the visitors preference.


Flying: From Nairobi take a flight to the Mombasa Airport, from here take a taxi or matatu to the destination.

Public Means: From Mombasa town take a bus to Likoni from where you will take another bus to Ukunda and finally take a matatu to the destination.

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