In the vast arid wilderness, north of Meru National Park lies the magnificent and peaceful Bisanadi National Reserve. The reserve covers an estimated 606sq km of combretum thickets, savannah grasslands, riverine swamps with sedge and forests on the banks of river Tana. The reserve is widely regarded as a dispersal area for other parks in the conservation such is the famous Meru National Park located on the northern border of the Bisanadi reserve. The reserve which is located in Isiolo County, was established in 1979 under the management of Kenya Wildlife till date.

Game lovers, are you ready to enjoy and have a one on one encounter with various species of wild animals? Then Bisanadi National Reserve is the gateway place for you…. The hot and arid bush land is the home to Lions, African Elephants, Cheetahs, Rhinos, African Buffalo, White rhinoceros’ giraffe, eland, impala, wildebeest, hartebeests and many more. Most Importantly, it also hosts over 400 species of birds which includes kingfisher, malachite fish eagles and sunbirds, peter’s fin foot, brown backed pecker, Huggins coarser among others, wow this is mind blowing. Honestly, how many types of birds do you know?

Apart from game viewing and bird watching, you can also enjoy fishing in River Tana which is adjacent to the reserve and you know what? you get to fish out various fish species as well as enjoy boat riding. The most exciting bit is that you also get to have a closer look at the magnificent and the famous Adamson’s Fall…..Who on earth would not want such an experience….

The best times to visit Bisanadi National reserve is during the dry months of January to March and later from June to October. Nevertheless, tourist can travel to this part of Kenya all through the year due to its climatic condition-hot and dry.


There is no accommodation within Bisanadi Game reserve but plenty of option of diner and overnight are found in the nearest town- Meru.

How to get there

The reserve can be reached both by air and road.

When travelling by road, the reserve can be accessed through Meru National Park by Murera gate.

By air, Kenyan Domestic flights organized by an airstrip in Korbessa.

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