The Running Tribe…….Kalenjin Community.

Kenya is known for its athletic talents and the many medals these athletes have garnered in most of the local and international competitions. Some of these marathon heroes include; Eliud Kipchoge, David Rudishia, Joyce Chepchumba, Abraham kemboi, Gladys Chebet ,Wilson Kipsang and many more. Some of the recent wins include the INEOS forty two kilometers marathon won whereby Eliud Kipchoge broke the record by finishing the race in less than two hours and the London Marathon where the Gold medal was acquired by a Kenyan. Most of these athletes hail from one of the Highlands Nilotic tribe called the Kalenjin community. It is believed that the Kalenjin’s genes, their diet and the exercise they undergo from a young age play a very vital role in preparing them for the athletic career.

The Kalenjin community is divided into nine subgroups namely ;Kipsigis, Nandi, Keiyo, Marakwet, Sabaot, Pokots, Tugen, Terik and Ogiek .This community is known for its strong warriors given the crucial role they played in rebelling against the British colonizers in Kenya led by Orkoyoit Koitalel of the Nandi sub-community. This opposition lasted for more than eleven years and resulted into many deaths among the colonizers and migration of local communities such as the Maasai Community.

One the most interesting part of the Kalenjin community is their eating habits. Being dairy farmers most of their food have a milk aspect to it. The most popular drink is the Mursik which is basically sour milk that is mainly used as an accompaniment for ugali, a staple food in Kenya. Traditional fruits and vegetables also form a great part of their diet. This is a tourist attraction for both the international and domestic tourists. They also supply the country with maize from their fertile farms in the Rift Valley.

Being the third largest community in Kenya, the community has not been left behind I matters politics. Some of the aggressive politicians hail from this community such as the retired president Daniel Arap Moi, William Ruto the current Vice president, Gideon Moi the Senator Baringo County and Kipchumba Murkomen the majority leader in the Senate.

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