The best place to experience the authentic Kenyan cultures is at the Bomas of Kenya. The tourist destination is special as it preserves most of the Kenyan cultures that communities have drifted from overtime. The Bomas of Kenya is a tourist destination in Langata, which is approximately 10km from Nairobi Central Business District. It’s home to one of the biggest auditoriums in the African continent, which aims to preserve, maintain, and promote rich and diverse cultural values of different tribes in Kenya. The Bomas of Keya is the rightful place to visit if you want to experience the rich diversity of Kenyan culture, dances, music, and traditions. You’ll get to enjoy tribal talent displays in fashion shows, dances, music, comedies, recitals, exhibitions, sports and games, bodybuilding, drama and so much more

First and foremost, at the Bomas of Kenya, you will find a true representation of the diverse tribes in Kenya alongside their traditions and lifestyles. Visitors have an opportunity to view the homesteads that have been part of the Kenyan practices for numerous years. There are several cultural villages on the property that display the traditional homes diverse communities used to live in during the olden times. They include Kikuyu village, Kalenjin, Luo, Luhya, Somali and Maasai community. You’ll be shocked to see huts constructed with indigenous material and could still withstand sandstorms. The Bomas of Kenya is a cultural hotspot that provides the ultimate fascinating experience of Kenyan cultures. This incredible tourist destination takes you on a journey through Kenya’s past and present! 

Additionally, the Bomas of Kenya hosts daily shows that display an array of diverse traditions across the nation, from music to dances. These include daily shows that make you experience western culture, central, eastern, North-Eastern and coastal customs. As a visitor, some of the dances you are likely to experience include the Kikuyu Circumcision dance, Swahili Taarab, Maasai Eunoto dance, NubiDholuka dance, Gonda dances, Coastal Sengenya and the spectacular Chuka drummers among others. The shows also feature the incredible Mambo Jamb acrobats who showcase the most excellent acrobatics, including juggling, balancing, and rope skipping. It’s such a fabulous entertainment and learning opportunity.

The Bomas of Kenya also gathers and conserves cultural artifacts from different communities in the country. Their rich catalog covers all Kenyan communities and ranges from artifacts that are used daily to those reserved fr special occasions. These include food, stools, beverage containers, ritual masks, and traditional circumcision knives, among others. All these works of art can be viewed at the Bomas of Kenya Gallery space. It’s not only educational but fun. Excellent value for your money!


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If you are in Nairobi town, board a matatu at the Ambassador stage (Karen-Hardy 24C). You’ll alight at the Bomas of Kenya Bus Stop. The matatu usually charges Ksh 100. You can also take an Uber from the city Centre which charges approximately 580-800 ksh subject to time and traffic.

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