Founded as a place to preserve two species of monkeys Crested Mangabey and Tana River red Colobus who were at the risk of becoming extinct, the Tana River Primate Reserve is a reserve located in the Coastal region. Adorned with lowland forests and different types of wildlife this destination serves as a major tourist attraction in the Kenyan coast. The temperatures in this place are hot and dry hence it is accessible and open all year round.

Characterized with different colors on their bodies and their unique characteristics the crested Mangabey and the Tana River serve as the main tourist attraction in this destination. There are other animals which the tourists can enjoy viewing such as baboons, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, lions, bush babies, antelopes among many others. Tana River is close hence tourists can walk there and marvel at how majestic this river that stretches for over 708 kilometers is. Boat rides can be done on the river to get a better view of the depth of the river and the aqua life therein. Tourists can also swim on the banks of the river which are not so deep.

The Tana River forests is made up of woodlands, bushes and grasslands which involve the tourists as the try to identify and learn the names of the different plants found there. Given that the Pokomo people live in this area, a visit to this destination allows the tourists to learn their culture and learn their way of life. It’s also an avenue to learn how rice is grown which is the main cash crop for the Pokomo people. Given that this area is isolated, there is only one accommodation feature in this area known as the Mchelelo Research Camp run by the National Museums. Another option would be the Kenya Wildlife Services headquarters which serves as a campsite.


By Bus or Driving: Take a bus from Nairobi to Thika, then take buses using the Thika-Garissa highway which will drop you at Garsen just before you get to Garissa from where you will be picked up by your pre-booked touring guides.

Note: If driving kindly use a four-wheel drive.

By flight: Take a flight from Nairobi to the Reserve since there is an airstrip close by. This is the best option given the bad roads and is faster.

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