Shimoni Slave Cave

Slave trade is one of the major topics taught in history classes. Most of these occurrences however, looks like a fairly tale to the younger generations who found their countries having attained independence from their colonial masters. Finding a place that can proof this inhumane act is a dire need to help them appreciate the freedom they enjoy. The slave caves in Kenya are such a destination.

Slave caves are believed to be a resting place for the slaves who had been collected from different places as they waited to board boats heading to Zanzibar which was the slave market. The caves were formed as a result of tectonic forces that pushed the land up hence resulting to the caves. The caves are therefore made up of choral rock and not limestone as many would think. Visitors in this destination will get to see physical evidence that slave trade actually took place, these items include empty water bottle that show that there were people in this place and their on rings on rocks that were used as chains on the slaves’ hands to prevent them from running away.

With the help of a guide the tourists are able to go deep into the tunnels as the guide explains every feature of the caves. One is able to get deep insights on the East African history and more the colonial period and what life looked like in those days. It’s also an opportunity to discover just how much the freedom fighters had to endure to gain independence from the colonial powers.

While in this destination visitors are advised to avoid walking on the ends of the caves since these sections are very slippery due to the flow of water in and out of the Indian Ocean. Visiting hours to this destination are 8:30am to 10:30a.m and 1:30pm to 6:00pm.The charges to this park are Kshs400 for every individual. Some of the accommodation features in the vicinity include; Shimoni Reef Lodge, Tatco and Shimoni Homestay .Their prices range from US $20 to US $170 per room per night.


  • By Road: Take a bus from Nairobi to Mombasa, use the Likoni ferry to get to Likoni from where you will connect to Shimoni by a taxi or bus.
  • Flying: Take a flight from Nairobi to Moi International Airport then take a flight from Mombasa to Ukunda from where you will connect to Shimoni.