Located on an archipelago, mainly accessible by boat, the beach is renowned for its beauty, vibrant and diverse way of life, and its unmistakable sense of tranquility. The environment is an escape zone to a world that is stress free and, in a way, your mind settles into a space of expansion and ultimate peace. More often, you will hear people whispering to themselves that all they want is a peace of mind even for a second,,,then Shela Beach is the place to escape to, you will experience what you alone can explain……Just imagine being soaked in the wonders by swimming atop the breathtaking coral reefs or even the thought of lying under a palm tree surrounded by velvety sand and staring at the beauty of Shela beach, eyes roaming from the blue waters and the amazing water waves driven by wind and tides to the ancient nearby architecture and ruins as you feel cool breeze from the ocean….

Majority of tourists that visit Lamu, more often opt to take their vacation to Shela beach, why? Because the place is irresistible attractive and a fun place to be. It’s always referred to as ‘destination of choice’. Apart from the attractive features, the presence of local and talented artists, designers and yoga retreats contributes to its bohemian touch. The beach has a long, lovely stretch and plenty of numerous lodgings and the best dining around Lamu archipelago.

Apart from the amazing beach and its soothing environment, is the stunning Shela Private Houses, a collection of four coastal villas overlooking the beach. They are beautifully designed Arabic houses and are all individually well furnished. Each house takes up to a maximum number of eleven guests. The beach house offers double and one triple en-suite bedroom. On the first floor, raised above beach level, there is an edgeless fresh water swimming pool that one can also enjoy. From the rooftop you can enjoy panoramic views of the whole Lamu Channel including the dhows that sail past. The houses are the epitome of Swahili style, different but equally stunning. One also gets to explore the rich local Swahili culture that dominate the place.

     How to get there

Shela beach can easily be accessed by air either directly from Mombasa which is 267 km or via boat after arriving in Lamu which will be 5-hour drive from Mombasa.

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