Shanzu Beach

If you are craving for a memorable escape, Shanzu beach is the place to visit. It is one of the most preferred beaches in Kenya, not just due to the affordable costs but also because it offers a calm ambiance. The beach provides an excellent base with famous sites to relax and have fun. Shanzu beach has a vast number of appealing attractions that will not cease to astound you. It is a secluded beach situated on the North coast, making it Kenya’s most metropolitan beach. It’s a fascinating place, the land of happiness!

The extensive length of Shanzu beach sparkles like a billion tiny jewels under the glittering sunlight. The spectacular scenery allows you to enjoy your drink as you appreciate the fabulous sea view. People who love sunbathing will find the beach fantastic. Other fun activities you can engage in include building sandcastles and water sports like swimming, surfing, and jet skiing. Nonetheless, visitors are recommended to participate in these games during low tides as a safety precaution.

The beach consists of many miles of pale sandy coast backed by an offshore coral reef and coconut palms. There is no better feeling than lying, walking, and diving in the beach sand. For those who value their confidentiality, Shanzu is a perfect suit as it gives visitors an element of quietness, peace, and privacy. Shanzu beach is a fantastic place for tourists seeking a beach holiday with an added excitement.

Shanzu beach is the most elegant spot for snorkelers! At Shanzu beach, you have fun beyond expectations by engaging in particular activities, especially snorkeling and scuba diving. These fun activities are ideal for both adults and children. It’s the perfect way to explore the ocean without leaving the comfort of the surface. Make sure you pack your snorkeling gear while visiting Shanzu beach for an incredible experience. The beach provides an authentic and fun experience!

For history lovers, a short walk along Shanzu beach lets you go back in time and witness what transpired. You’ll come across Jumba la Mtwana, which means the large house of slaves. It is one of the gazetted national monuments in Kenya. Here you’ll see the excavation and clearance ruins, which were a temporary storage place for slaves in the 14th century.



Behind the long white-sand strip are amazing beach homes and resorts where you can spend the night. Shanzu beach is surrounded by magnificent beach resorts that offer deluxe accommodation. Most of them are made from Swahili material called Makuti roofing, which is most suitable for the weather patterns in this region. The cost varies from 100 USD to 250 USD per night. They include the Serena beach resort, PrideInn paradise beach resort, Shanzu all season’s resort & spa, and plaza beach hotel.



Shanzu beach is situated on the Southeast coast facing the Indian Ocean. The beach is exactly 20 miles North East of Moi International airport in Mombasa.