Saiwa Swamp….a rare experience of the nature.

Located in Kitale, just twenty two kilometers from the Kitale town is the Saiwa Swamp National park. This destination gives every tourist an opportunity to appreciate nature given the plant life and the forest in this park, rare species of birds, a rare kind of an antelope known as the Sitatunga (a Swahili word) which lives in water partially and the De Brazza monkey.

Activities that tourists engage in in this venue include; bird watching, the forest hosts very rare birds which act as an attraction to the tourists. Some of the rare bird species include; Hatlaub Marsh bird, Ross, the Yellow bishop which lives in the reeds, Gonolek and Ludhers just to mention but a few. It is interesting to watch the different behaviors exhibited by the different kinds of birds such as their eating habits, some feed on nectar while other feed on insects. Their different body structure such as long tails and different sizes of beaks is something amuses every tourist in this location. . Plant viewing is also an interesting adventure to undertake in this venue, the forest has a lot of vegetation most of which are peculiar plants. Some of these plants include satyrium, eulophia and satyrium crassicaule .The River in this park is home to many aquatic birds such as the lesser jacana, black duck and herons.

For accommodation needs, this park is surrounded by the following accommodation facilities; the Tree Top Hut which is manned by the Kenya Wildlife service, Sitatunga Camp Center and Saitwa site. The charges for the park are as follows:

Kenyan CitizensKenyan ResidentsNon-citizen
Adult (Amount in KSH)Child (Amount in KSH)Adult(Amount in KSH)Children (Amount in KSH)Adult (Amount in USD)Children

How to get there

Driving: From drive all the way to Kispania junction, a minimum of twenty kilometers from Kitale town then take the rough road on your left, driving straight on to the Saiwa gate which is five kilometers away.

Public Means: Take a bus to Kitale town in Nairobi and alight at Kispania junction, from here you can either take a bodaboda or a taxi to get to the park.

Flying: From Nairobi, take a flight to the Kitale airstrip, from here you can take a taxi or use public means to cover the twenty seven kilometers between the airstrip and the park.

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