Ruma National Park

You must have heard about the Lake Victoria and the fish life I this lake. Wondering how you can get an experience of this lake? Not to worry, Ruma National Park will cater for all your needs. This National park is very close to the Lake will give you a clear view of the Lake and the aqua life therein, the fertile lands I this area will give you an opportunity to learn different types of plants and most of all this park is in a serene environment surrounded by mind blowing landscapes of the Kanyamwa escarpments and Ruri Hills, the flowing Lambwe river, different types of trees and the peace experienced in this destination since its remote. This is the best destination to go to when in need of a break from the bustles and hustles of Nairobi or any other busy town. This park is open all days in a year including public holidays. Given that this park hosts many animals which could pose a danger to the lives of the tourists, no tourist is allowed in on foot.

One of the most exciting activity to undertake in this park is to view the two types of rare antelopes in Africa which are only found in this park, the Oribi and Roan antelopes. Grey in colour and a white and black face the Roan antelope is an interesting animal to view. The beauty of the animal is illuminated further when in a group since they live in large groups of around twenty members, a peculiar aspect is that only a bull can lead a team. Oribi on the other hand is black with just a mark on the face, watching these animals was a lifetime opportunity for me. I could not hide my joy hence I filled my phone gallery with photos of these animals. The grasslands surrounding in the park entertains unique birds such as the Blue Swallows which are very rare to find. Watching the lifestyles of these birds is a mind blowing experience, in April and September this experience gets even better with the migration of these birds to and from Tanzania. Charges to the park are as follows:

Kenyan CitizensKenyan ResidentsNon-citizen
Adult (Amount in KSH)Child (Amount in KSH)Adult(Amount in KSH)Children (Amount in KSH)Adult (Amount in USD)Children


·         Public Means: From Nairobi take a bus to Homabay which drops you off at Mirogi. From here How to get there take a taxi or request for guided services by a tourism company.

·         Driving: Drive from Nairobi to Homabay, take the road to Rongo after about 10 km take a right to Mirogi where you will see posters to the park for further direction.

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