If you want to have a fantastic experience with large herds of elephants in a small reserve, Rimoi National reserve is the place to be. The reserve is located in the middle of the Kerio Valley, Elgeiyo Marakwet County. The park is popularly known for its spectacular views, rich biodiversity, and panoramic landscape. The 66 km2 tourist destination provides visitors with an unforgettable adventure. The main activities you should look forward to are game viewing, camping, nature guided walks, birding, and visiting Cheptarit hill. Why not choose Rimoi National Reserve for your next vacation? The beauty of this region and abundant wildlife makes this a trip of a lifetime.

Is Elephant watching in your bucket list? If not, what are you waiting for? What you need to know is that the reserve is celebrated for its critical role in elephant migration. For this reason, it has become a significant draw for spotting tourists who come to watch the vast, glorious animals. Word has it some of the herds of elephants come from as far as Samburu and Turkana to breed on these grounds. The Rimoi elephants move in large groups of approximately 100 compared to elephants from other regions, which move in a group of around 5. Rimoi National Reserve gives you an incredible opportunity to view, learn, and enjoy being close to these animals as they roam freely in the conservancy. No other place in Africa gives you a similar experience of watching so many herds of elephants at such a close range. It’s such an authentic outdoor experience! 

Other than the elephants, Rimoi National Reserve is an excellent gem for game viewing monkeys, impalas, warthogs, pangolins, dikdik, crocodiles, and lizards, and tortoises. Besides, birdlife is abundant in the reserve, with the most prevalent birds being sunbirds, weavers, honeyguides, turacos, hornbills, and pigeons. The most excellent place for bird watching is around the seasonal lake Tabar, which is known to attract waterbirds during the rainy season.

Did I mention there are numerous campsites within the Rimoi National reserve as well as out of the park? Everything about camping at Rimoi is magical. You can’t miss this extraordinary experience! You can pitch our tent and wake up to the chattering of birds in the wilderness. Better yet, in the morning, your wake-up call is likely to be one of these animals by the tent, especially monkeys. A beautiful sight to behold!

Finally, Rimoi National Reserve allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature through guided nature walks. Engaging in this activity makes you view the adverse vegetation and trees, wildlife as well as birds. You can also hike up the Cheptarit hill and delight in the mouth drooping views of the valley alongside beautiful hot springs. You will not regret visiting Rimoi National Reserve!


There are numerous places visitors can stay within the reserve or outside. These include campsites and luxurious hotels such as Lelin campsites, Elgeyo sawmills guest houses, Samich resort, Too guest house, Sego safari lodge, and Koiklebel homestay, among others.


You can access Rimoi National Reserve by road. It’s approximately a 5-6 hours’ drive from Nairobi town. The park is about 300 km’s from Nairobi and 40 kilometers from Eldoret town.



Adults – KSH 200
Adults special group -Ksh 150
students – Ksh 100
Pupils-primary – Ksh 50
Adults-nonresident-  USD 20
Child/student-nonresident-  USD 5

Adults Ksh 250
Adults-special group Ksh 200
students -Ksh 150
Pupils primary- Ksh 100
Adults Non-residents- USD 10
Child/student  Non-resident -USD 3

Bus park entry fee – Ksh 1,000
4 wheel vehicle/14 seater -Ksh 300
Car park entry fee -Ksh 100
Security/guided tours per hour -Ksh 500
Lease fee campsite –per day Ksh 1,000
Videography per day -Ksh 5,000

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