Ol Pajeta Conservancy

_x000D_ _x000D_ One of the most incredible private reserves with a very high density of wildlife in Kenya is Ol Pajeta Conservancy. The conservancy is located in Laikipia County, on the equator, west of Nanyuki town. Ol Pajeta Conservancy is home to diverse wildlife such as cheetahs and rhinos. It is also a unique host of spectacular activities such as safaris and hikes. Below is a list of the essential items to pack to ensure you delight in your adventure at Ol Pajeta Conservancy;_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_
  1. Hiking Gear- It’s essential to protect your feet and ankles from injury during the long outdoor walks using the proper hiking gear, especially hiking boots.
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  3. Sunglasses – Ol Pejeta Conservancy is located on the equator, and this makes the sun very powerful in this region. As a result, it is crucial to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet light, which has harmful effects on the eyes.
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  5. Sun hat- At Ol Pajeta Conservancy, wearing a sun hat will not only protect your head and shoulders from the extreme sunlight, but it also prevents the heat from dampening your spirit of adventure.
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  7. Long sleeve shirt/Warm jumper/ Windproof jacket/ Long trousers- Temperatures at Ol Pajeta Conservancy during the early morning and late evening can get extremely cold. Hence it is imperative to carry warm clothes to keep you heated up as you enjoy the fantastic scenery.
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  9. Loose clothing for day time such as shorts and t-shirts- At Ol Pajeta Conservancy, temperatures warm up very quickly. Thus, loose clothing is recommended during the day to enable you to withstand the high temperatures comfortably.
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  11. Camera- There is no better way to way to preserve the incredible memories at Ol Pajeta than using your camera. You can’t miss capturing all the incredible wildlife at the conservancy.
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  13. Binoculars- During your adventure at Ol Pajeta Conservancy, you will be able to see plenty of animals just fine without binoculars. Nonetheless,  if you want to count the eyelashes of a rhino or the teeth of a cheetah, bring your binoculars.
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  15. Torch- Ol Pajeta Conservancy is extremely wide, and some parts of the camp might not have access to electricity 24/7. Therefore, to ensure your fun is not restricted during the night, carry a torch.
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  17. Water bottle- It is essential to stay hydrated, particularly during the long hikes. Thus, ensure you pack a water bottle.
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  19. Backpack- A backpack is essential to put essential items you need during the adventure, such as phones, wipes, and water.
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