Your experience at Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park will be as unique as the name. It’s the right place to enjoy beautiful views, fresh, natural air, health nature walks, and magnificent wildlife watching. It is located in Kyanzavi Division, Machakos County, adjacent to Thika town. Here you get to enjoy camping, game viewing, and mountain climbing. It’s just the right place to visit for the ultimate panoramic experience!

Do you ever dream of touching the sky? Visiting Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park will bring your dreams to reality. You’ll have a chance to hike up to the Mountain of Buffaloes or the so-called Mt Kilimanjaro, which is located within the Park. The Park is particularly appealing for hikers and mountain climbers who desire some liberty and exercising home away from home. The ecosystem of the Park encompasses a mountain covered with dense montane forest. Thus the most excellent way to explore the National Park is by walking on the outstandingly marked nature trail, which goes all the way to the mountain peak. For mountain climbers, you can’t miss this! The Peak provides the perfect backdrop! Not to mention, it’s the perfect bonding place for couples, friends, and families. Did I mention the scenic views of Mt. Kenya, which can be viewed from the Summit? It’s spectacular!

What about game viewing? Wildlife watching is also a highlight at Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park. The most dominant animals at the Park are buffalos, impalas, leopards, bushbucks, olive baboons, mongoose, aardvarks, monitor lizards, and porcupines. Besides, Ol Donyo Sabuk Park is popularly known for its abundant birdlife. It is home to over 45 species, including grey-headed sparrow weaver, augur buzzard, and mourning dove. There are plenty of forest birds that will brighten your day. Bird watching at Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park is fun and rewarding, especially when done as you walk across the Park. The Park offers an incredible opportunity to watch the birds at the fantastic scenery along with strategic viewing points.


The Park has incredible public campsites where you can spend the night. The three main camps include Turacco Public Campsite, Rock Hyrax, and Summit Campsite. Turacco is located at the Oldonyo Sabuk main gate and has a capacity of 60 people. The good thing is, Turacco Public Campsite is not only an accommodation site but also a picnic site where you can enjoy the rest of your evening. On the other hand, Rock Hyrax is located 2kms from the main gate while Summit, which is also an event site, is situated 9.6kms from the entrance.


Park Entry fee

Citizen Adults pay ksh 300 while children or students pay 215 ksh

Resident adults pay 600 ksh while children or students pay 300

Non-resident adults pay 26$ while children or students pay 17$.


The Park is situated 85 km north-east of Nairobi. From Thika town, proceed 22 km along the main Garissa road to Makutano junction. At Makutano, follow the KWS sign and turn right, continuing 3 km on an all-weather murram road to Donyo town. At Donyo, turn right and proceed a further 2 km to the main gate.

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