From a land mine to an eco-friendly land and finally a tourist attraction. This is the journey of the Nguuni Nature Sanctuary in a nutshell. Its amazing to see just how much we can transform deserted and unkempt places to finally become a home to animals and a forest which eventually turns to be a tourist attraction. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary is evidence of such change is man-made sanctuary that is located on the northern part of the coastal area. The change from the mine to an environment friendly was so impressive so much so that this destination won the United Nations Global 500 honor.

The game in this park include hippos, giraffe, antelopes and buffaloes. Tourists will be able to enjoy an up-close look at the animals I this park. The park also hosts various species of birds which are rare to find elsewhere such as eagles, weaver birds, kingfisher, owls, ibis, herons and egret. These birds exhibit their different features and behaviors an exquisite site to watch. Different types of fish can be viewed in the fish farm in this location and with the help of a guide the tourists get to learn the characteristics of each of these species. Additionally, this destination has a crocodile has a crocodile pen where all the crocodiles are kept which give a good view of the crocodiles without any exposure to harm.

A unique feature of this park are two animals known as Owen and Mzee. Owen is a hippo who lost his parents and family during the El Nino rains, he was rescued by the Kenya Wildlife Services and moved to the Nguuni sanctuary. Owen would later find a foster mother in a tortoise named Mzee who took care of his wounds and nurtured him until he was mature. It is interesting to find out that a tortoise can mother a hippo, every tourist who visits this place is moved by this story.


By bus: From Mombasa take a bus to Bamburi and alight at Bamburi Bus stop.

Flying: Use a helicopter to the Bamburi Airport


Take a flight from Nairobi to Mombasa then take a bus to Bamburi.

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