Ngong Hills

Its natural beauty, undulating hills and the serene nature is purely legendary. The tranquility of the place flowered with beautiful landscapes is an ideal escape for hike lovers to venture. Immortalized in the opening lines from Karen Blixen’s classic, â€˜Out of Africa’ the green and fertile Ngong Hills have a certain mythical quality with the solitary grave of Denys Finch Hatton marked by obelisk and a garden that attract People from near and far to come and witness for themselves. The hills are stunning and best for hiking and provides good exercise, especially if you opt to trek to the peak.

Approximately 10 km from Karen, and 23 km from downtown Nairobi, the small town of Ngong marks the beginning of these beautiful and breathtaking hills. There are seven of them lined up, one behind the other and the top summit is 2,460 meters.  Ngong Hills hiking trails starts from Ngong town which is at the northern Foot of the hill that traverses the edge of the range to the southern end at Kona Baridi that takes around 4 to 5 hours to reach the top of the 7th hill.

The first 2 kilometers from Ngong Police Station is usually a gradual ascent cutting through human settlements leading one to Kenya Wildlife Barrier, this indicates the start of Ngong Hills Forest Reserve and marks the beginning of the hiking expedition. From there, one goes past a wind farm before climbing the first steep hill that leads to an area populated with Radio repeater station masts. The trail thins out and descents into a trough before climbing the next steep hill. Just before you think that you are out of the woods, the rolling hills seem to keep popping up with each taking toll on you until finally one arrives Lamwia which is the 7th  hill with the highest peak of 2460 meters and 8070 feet above sea level.

At the peak of the mountain or Lamwia, one can clearly see the vastness of the country and its beauty. Some people say that it is great place to cast your troubles aside, make friends and capture special moments with your camera. To the east of Lamwia, is the view of Nairobi National Park, towards North East is the magnificent view of Nairobi City and to the West, the hills overlook Masai Manyattas which is about 1000 meters down in the rift valley.

That is one of the most amazing experience that would last for a lifetime, and for sure everyone should experience it…..


Public Transport: board matatu no.111 from railways matatu terminus and alight at Ngong town which is about two kilometers to Ngong entry point, so one can chose to either walk, or take a taxi that will cost ksh.100  

For Corner Baridi entry point board matatu no.112 from railways matatu terminus and alight at Kiserian town which is about two kilometers to Corner Baridi entry point. One can chose to either walk, or take a taxi that will cost ksh.100


Entry fee for Residents/Kenyan Citizens   200 per head

Entry fee for Non-Residents/Citizens   600 per head

Tour guide 2000


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