The park is Kenya’s most accessible yet incredible safari experience. Nairobi National Park has abundant wildlife and is located on the southern outskirts of Nairobi City. It is home to over a hundred mammal species and over 400 bird species. Nonetheless, did you know that the Nairobi National Park stands out as a significant rhino sanctuary? It’s popularly known as “Kifaru Ark” due to its prosperity as a rhinoceros sanctuary (Kifaru is the Swahili name for rhinoceros). If you want to enjoy a fantastic experience learning and spending more time with rhinos, Nairobi National Park is the place to visit. Such a fun exciting experience!

Nairobi National Park is home to the world’s largest number of rhinos. As the most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries in the country, the park has over 50 black rhinoceros, an endangered species. Here, you are assured of seeing a black rhinoceros in its natural habitat, unlike in other parks across the nation. Besides, the park has a key rhino nature reserve for breeding and restocking other parks. The park also has white rhino species that are nearly extinct. Did you know that white rhinos are actually grey? These are some of the things you’ll get to learn about rhinos once you visit Nairobi National Park. The most captivating aspect is that they are affectionate and intelligent creatures that have inhabited the universe for over 60 million years. Are you ready for this enthralling experience? Without any doubt, it will be full of fun, total excitement and marvelous escapade.


The park is located 10km South of Nairobi City Center. You can board matatu number 125 or 126 from the city center to visit the park. The matatus normally charge KSh50, and it takes close to 30 or 40 minutes to get there. The good thing is the matatu passes by the main park entrance from the train station. 

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