When you think of an astounding holiday, one image pops into your mind, the beach! Whether you are looking for calm or a pleasant experience across the Indian Ocean, Msambweni beach gives you the best experience. It is located in Kwale County, approximately 55.4 kilometers south of Mombasa. Msambweni beach is situated in a quiet locale, and it’s surrounded by natural land.  It is one of Kenya’s locally untapped tourism spots!

The virgin beach is tucked in an exceptional natural setting that makes it a great tourist attraction site. The majority of both local and international tourists who visit the beach are attracted by its sandy coastline and palm trees connecting it with nature. The white sand is magnificent against the blue waters. As a result, Msambweni beach offers tranquility and peace, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The minute you arrive at the beach and catch a glimpse of the incredible landscape, and the flawless blue waters, you know you’ve found an extraordinary paradise.

Most importantly, the beach comes to life underneath the surface. As soon as you step into the sparkling blue waters, you’ll spot a wide variety of fish. The deeper you swim, the bigger the fish you see. If you happen to be a snorkeling lover, then this is your perfect spot. You’ll see the most amazing colors underwater. Besides, if you would like to learn swimming, I’d recommend this place. Many beach boys practice fishing at Msambweni beach; you can learn a lot from them.

Msambweni beach is also perfect for watching the sun as it rises and as it sets. It might sound insane, but trust me. The sun sets straight in front of Msambweni beach. It’s the most beautiful shade you’ll ever see. For lovers, friends, and families, at Msambweni beach, you have an opportunity to witness these mind-blowing sceneries as you sip your drink. The setting is magnificent for honeymooners who are craving for a private place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also the perfect spot for having fun, relaxing, sunburned, and taking incredible photos. The beauty of this beach is unmatched!

Accommodation at Msambweni beach is also exclusive. Various hotels, restaurants, resorts, and villas are committed to providing tourists with the most incredible private getaway. They include Msambweni beach house, Neptune al Beach Resort & Spa, Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa, among others. The charges vary from 100$ to 400$. You get to relax and enjoy the fresh seafood as you enjoy the fantastic beach sceneries and monkeys swinging around the treetops.


By road, Msambweni beach is located 34.4 miles south of Mombasa. It lies along the A14 road, which is known as Ukunda- Ramisi road. The beach lies between Shimoni and Ukunda beach. You can board a matatu/ tuk-tuk to the beach or take an Uber.

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