One of the Parks that offers you a fantastic chance to enjoy the untamed wilderness in secluded splendor is Mount Elgon, National Park. The park is located 140 kilometers northeast of Lake Victoria. It covers an area of 1,279 square kilometers and is divided by the Uganda and Kenya border. The key activities you get to enjoy in the park include wildlife viewing, elephant salt licks, hiking, primate viewing, bird watching, nature walks, and cave exploration. Not to mention, you can still enjoy camping, mountain climbing, and rock climbing. What a package?! You cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

As you drive to the park, you will be welcomed by the sight of bushbuck and zebras feeding peacefully in the scenic view. The animals in this park seem to be used to humans; you won’t struggle to get pretty close to them to take beautiful pictures. Besides, the lower slopes of Mount Elgon National Park are home to over 300 bird species. Bird watching in this region is like no other place; you can’t get enough! Other animals in the region include antelopes and monkeys.

Notably, one of the highlights of your visit to the park is walking and hiking activities. The routes offer spectacular views to abundant vegetation, rivers, escarpments, and gorges. You also have a chance to visit the best animal viewing areas where you can spot animals up-close as well as the caves. The most famous cave is known as Kitum. It stretches 200 meters into the mountain and has been expanding for decades now. Inside the caves, you’ll see the phenomenal rock paintings. The fun doesn’t end there! Mount Elgon National Park has several large caves that visitors can explore.

Most importantly, the enthralling aspect of the caves is the buffalos and elephants that walk into the caves during the night to lick the salt from the cave walls. It serves as a nutritional supplement. At Mount Elgon National Park, you have a chance to see enjoy this astounding scenery.


The primary accommodation offered by KWS self-catering at Mount Elgon National Park is Kapkuro Cottage. However, other campsites offer incredible accommodation such as Chorlim Campsite, Nyati Campsite, Rongai Public Campsite, and Saltlick.


Park Entry fee

Citizen Adults pay ksh 300 while children or students pay 215 ksh

Resident adults pay 600 ksh while children or students pay 300

Non-resident adults pay 26$ while children or students pay 17$.


By road, there is a route that leads from Kitale town, while there are two other options from Eldoret. Both lead by murram (dirt) road to Mt.Elgon Lodge and Chorlim gate. Chorlim gate is the main gate to use while entering Mount Elgon National Park.

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