Mombasa Old Town

You can never lack a place to visit or an exciting adventure to engage in while in the Mombasa Old town. This place is inhabited by multiple cultures owing to the fact that several people that live there such as Arab, Asian, Portuguese and British inhabitants. This town exhibits great sense of architecture which dates back to the 15th Century. In this article we will highlight and recommend places that you should visit and activities to engage in.

First on the list is Fort Jesus, this one of the most popular destinations in Old Town. This structure was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese as a safe haven for them from their enemies. It also acted as a watch tower given that it is situated on a hill, hence they could spot their enemies from a far and prepare to rebattle. In this venue, visitors will enjoy viewing the Portuguese architecture, pottery and artifacts that exhibit the culture of the people who lived in the coast those days. Being a watch tower, one can also get a clear view of Mombasa town and the Ocean from this destination.

The elephant’s tusks at the entrance of Mombasa town are one of the tourist’s attractions in this town. Taking a photo around this area is one of the most popular activities to undertake while here. These tusks are made of aluminum and they are crafted to form the letter M as a sign of the grand entrance to the Mombasa town.

Mombasa Butterfly House is another must visit spot. This destination has a scenic garden which offers the visitors a place to have a picnic as they enjoy fresh breeze from the Indian Ocean due to the proximity of this place to the Ocean. In this place the tourists will watch different types of butter flies as they go about their lives.

Other activities in this town include taking a walk in the town and enjoying the culture and architectural dynamics therein, go for shopping in the malls and supermarkets in this area, enjoy coastal cuisines in the Swahili hotels therein, watch the Indian Ocean, visit the various places of worship such as the Hindu temples and Muslim mosques and appreciate their way of worship and enjoy the night life offered by this place.



  • By Bus: Use Mombasa road from Nairobi to Mombasa and use a taxi or bus to connect to the different parts of this town.
  • Flying: Take a plane from Nairobi to Mombasa airport then take a taxi or bus to connect to old town