Its warm oceanic azure, the swaying coconut palms on the white beach sand is what defines the natural beauty of Mombasa Marine National Park. The park which was established in 1986 with an aim of preventing the stripping of coral and extraction of fish, lies between Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks. It is renowned for hosting colorful variety of aquatic life that ranges from sea urchin, crab, starfish, octopus, jellyfish, sea cucumber, turtles, sea grasses, stone fish, butterflyfish, angelfish, sharks, dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, green sea turtle, leatherback turtle, hawksbill, humpback dolphin, parrotfish, damselfish, zebrafish, spinner dolphin and even migratory birds such as crab plovers. The marine park’s blue water is a perfect escape zone for windsurfers, water skiers, snorkelers and even divers.

Apart from the vast aquatic life in the marine park, its also endowed with the most beautiful and fragile coral reefs that stretches for 143 miles which equals to 230 kilometers along the shoreline. The reefs are incredible and of diverse colors, shapes and sizes; brain coral, pavona coral, open-branched stag’s horn coral, acropora coral and even the favia coral. The reefs provide safety and food to almost a million species of aquatic life in the marine park. Did you know that Kenya’s reefs are ranked as one of the world’s top three dive sites in the world by experienced divers after the renown Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Red Sea Reef? Now you know.

Other fun activities at the marine park include the following; snorkeling in the splendid clear waters, diving at the best diving site, fishing, boat rides with a packed lunch to be enjoyed within the ride, bird watching, water skiing, windsurfing and even sunbathing.


The park can be reached via road from Mombasa city centre, and then connected by boat from the various points along the beach which include: Serena Gate on beach of Serena Hotel, Severin Gate on beach of Severin Hotel, Travellers Gate on beach of Travellers Hotel, Nyali Gate at Mombasa Marine Park Headquarters and Voyager Gate at Voyager water sport Area.

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