Is it really a disappearing town? Well I don’t think so…. Twelve km north of Malindi which equates to a 30-hour drive lies a quiet town that hosts a magnificent and unspoilt natural beach with golden sand, adjacent dunes and more so, a magical atmosphere. Mambrui gained archaeological interest following the discovery of iron slags, iron smelter, jade green shard of porcelain and Chinese coin in the early 15th Century during the reign of the Yongle Emperor in Ming Dynasty.

The low tide beach in Mabrui stretches for about five kilometers to the north of Galana River estuary. It is one of the few existing beaches where one can drive along Mambrui’s best attraction, Che Chale beach, a golden glittery and seemly endless stretch of sandy gold. With its blend of low-key luxury and natural beauty, the beach is one of the most iconic tourist destinations for almost 40 years since its discovery. Its famous for the constant flow of seafood, organic crab farm, kitesurfing, dhow sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and even deep-sea fishing.

Presence of Kola Beach Resort just next to Che Shale, is a perfect escape zone for those who prefer a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The luxurious resort with palms and bougainvillea, overlooks the great Indian Ocean. It has two swimming pools, Gold 55 Restaurant, private beach, a poolside bar, reception, TV room, conference room and more so, Self-catering villas for 6 and 8 persons. Then the magnificent Karibuni Hotel and Villas, it is a perfect gateway for personal revitalization, family vacation or even a couple’s weekend. What are you waiting for…..its a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C place to go……..

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