The Park is located in the North Eastern Kenya-Ethiopia border, along the Daua river that lies on Mandera Plateau covered with hills and valleys. It is considered to be one of the remote and least visited national parks in Kenya, due to its geographical location but, it has the most rewarding adventure experience ever especially for those who desire to unwind after keeping up with tight work schedule for a long time. The park, which covers 1500kilometers square was established and gazette in 1989 due to its high concentration of wildlife and the breathtaking landscape. Around the park, human settlement is scarce due to its climatic conditions, as it is hot and dry almost throughout the year.

The park is renowned for hosting numerous wildlife that includes: Dik Diks, spotted hyenas, antelopes, zebras, genets, Nile crocodiles at Daua river, gazelles, giraffes and the list is endless. For spectacular view of wildlife in the park, tourists more often opt to use hot air balloons that enables one to have a glimpse of the game around the park at the same time. This gives one a one on one feel with the game. Wow, where else can you experience such…

It is also known for its breath-taking physical features that provides attractive scenery, a worthwhile experience for tourists. Such features include the following; presence of magnificent Kalacha Urane and Awara plains on the Southern side of the park, numerous hills and valleys scattered around the park, bush and scrubby grasslands with woodlands and riparian forests with palms along the Daua river that apparently serves as the boundary between the two nations(Kenya, Ethiopia), wow, a mere river being a boundary between nations? For sure, who would not want to experience such. If you need to escape from your busy schedule, then Malka Mari National Park is the place to go….

How to get there.

By road, it will take you approximately 18hours 46minutes which is 1,105.1km, using Isiolo-Mandera road/B9.

Main and most accessible is through Mandera Airstrip. This is so because getting to the park by road is extremely difficult as it is far and in a remote area.

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