A story is told of a Luo Community Legend called Luanda Magere, a mighty warrior from Kano. He was hailed and respected by the entire community. It was believed till date that the warrior’s body, who was from Sidho clan, was made of hard rock hence nothing could harm him. At the time, the community was constantly conflicting with Nandi Community hence raids were common between these two community. So, every time the Nandi people would attack, Luanda Magere would defeat them forcing them to retrieve. The community became undefeated and triumphed in wars as enemies fell by Luanda Magere’s spear.

They always say, women are men’s weak point. Watch or even listen to various genre of film and try also to interact and listen to various successful story from wealthy people especially men as to what they consider as their greatest failures or regrets in life, majority will mention women being part of it. And its traced way back in the Bible, the story of Samson, the undefeated warrior. This is not different with what happened to the greatest warrior that ever lived among the Luo community; Luanda Magere. After losing a lot of battles to Luo community, Nandi elders came gathered to deliberate on how to get rid of Luanda Magere. They devised a plan and agreed to send one of the most beautiful girls in the community for Magere as a sign of goodwill between the two community. Elders from the community warned the warrior from taking the bait but he did not listen but instead agreed, I mean the girl was irresistible for him.

That was his greatest mistake that led to his downfall. The girl learnt the secret that kept the solder on float and reported back to her community. The secret was, cutting his shadow that led to him bleeding out. On discovering this, the community attacked once again and Luanda Magere’s shadow was struck by a spear and he fell lifeless on the battlefield. A rock stands at the spot where the great warrior, Magere lifeless body fell. To date, the community believe that sharpening hunting tools on that rock guaranteed one of a successful hunt.

Gor Mahia is one of Kenya’s biggest football club and is associated with the Luo people as majority of the players are from the Community. Eager to know how the name came to be? Gor Mahia was a chief and prominent hero in the Luo community, known for his magic and miraculous powers inherited from his grandfather. Gor’s father upon blessing his children, it is believed that, he blessed him differently by delegating him a role of burying his mother’s ashes in the middle of her hut, this marked the beginning of Gor’s power. Following the miraculous things, he did earn him the name ‘mahia’ in dholuo language means strange and lethal. Till date, community elders and herbalist still visit his grave to partake of his powers as they believe that it is still powerful. Now you know how Gor Mahia came to be…..

Luo community is known for their unique traditional music that plays a functional role in their lives. Traditional musical instruments include drums, rattles, horns, the Abu and stringed instruments like the Nyatiti. Wonder why they are called ‘people from the lakeside’, well after migrating to Kenya they settled around the Lake Victoria basin until date, with that, they embarked on fishing as their economic activity to date.

 Dating back centuries, the stories and traditions of the people of Kenya are some of the most fascinating in the world. They have enriched the country through social, economic, political and cultural activities, each with their own unique stories and the Luo Community is one of them.

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