Leven House

Named after a British naval ship (HMSL even) which got to the Kenyan Coast in 1824, the Leven house is a prestigious house that exhibits how the rich lived in those days. This house stands
out because of its unique architectural design that went into building it such as a Swahili themed balcony, wooden doors and staircases that are still functional to this day. Indeed this destination was meant for the rich in those days. Some of the residents of this house include; the Mazrui family who were the rulers of the Kenyan coast, Sultan Seyyid from Zanzibar, Krapf and Ludwig.

Despite being named as one of the anti-slave trading area, there were operations on slave trading by the Arabs a few meters from this place. In this house British naval officers dug a tunnel for boat patrol in the Indian Ocean; tourists in this destination will enjoy a view of this tunnel. Additionally, there was a fresh water well that has fresh water regardless of being so close to the Indian Ocean which has salty water.

This house was converted to a national monument by the Kenyan government in 1997 and was placed under the national museums. It therefore acts as the national museum headquarters in the Kenyan coast. Most visitors enjoy taking a walk on the staircase and enjoy the quality of the features in this house which have remained unchanged even with the 100 years later after installation.

The quiet environment in this house offers its admirers the best destination for a picnic or a lunch. Many people who visit Fort Jesus prefer to have their meals in this place. The restaurant in this place serves exquisite Swahili cuisines that range from the Biriani, viazi karai, pilau among others. Reviews of this hotel show that most of the tourists were fascinated by the
excellent services offered by the waiters, their cleanliness and customer relations.

Given its proximity to the Indian Ocean, this venue will give you a priceless view of the Indian Ocean and its idyllic white sand.The breeze from the Ocean provides fresh air and it’s the best escape from the hustles and bustles of the busy town.


Use Mombasa road from Nairobi to Mombasa and use a taxi or bus to connect to the different parts of this town.

Take a plane from Nairobi to Mombasa airport then take a taxi or bus to connect to old town

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