Lavish Beach Experience

Located in the Mombasa city is the lavish Nyali beach which is home for most luxurious hotels in the Coastal region. It has access to Mombasa through the new Nyali beach hence having access to the most sought-after beach by both foreign and local tourists. The white beaches and the calm waters conducive for diving makes the Nyali beach to stand out among the many beach destinations in the coastal region. Some of the popular hotels I the vicinity include; Nyali Beach Resort, Voyager Hotel, Mombasa Beach Hotel, Reef Hotel and Backpackers hotel.

Some of the places to visit in Nyali are the Mamba Village, Dwarikadham Hindu Temple and the Nyali Golf Club. The beach is only accessible from the hotels in the vicinity hence the charges are included in the hotel charges which range from Kshs.20,000 per night. Activities to undertake in this area include; wind surfing, scuba, volleyball playing near the beach, sailing, swimming and jet skiing. To enjoy this destination, the tourists should pack the following items when preparing;

1. Swimming costume; Mombasa is the land of water and white sand. To enjoy this fully one needs a swimming costume to swim in and it’s more convenient to enjoy the white sand in the costume.

2. Light clothing; the temperatures in the coastal region are very hot hence no need to carry sweaters and fleeces. Instead the tourist should carry very light and bright clothes to help reduce the heat getting to the body.

3. Sunscreen and Water; The scorching sun in Mombasa can cause damages to the skin of the tourists, it is therefore advisable to carry and apply sunscreen always and continuously take water.

4. Personal Effects; Given that most tourists spend more than one day in the destination, there is need to carry personal items such as deodorants, perfumes, medicine and toiletries.

5. Suitcase and a back pack/Handbag; The suitcase should be used to carry all the items on arrival and departure while the back pack or handbag should be used to carry personal items such as phones and money on a day to day basis while touring the beach.

6.Money; Carry enough money to cater for your needs during the visit such as accommodation expenses, travel tickets, meals, shopping, entry fees to parks such as Mamba Village and any other need that may arise.

7. Diving tools such as oxygen and diving suits; wear the right costume when diving to avoid any accident.

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