Lamu Beach

Epitome of the Swahili History

Lamu is one town that has hosted many visitors such as the Portuguese, Omani Arabs and Turkish businesspersons, but all of them did not change the culture of the people of Lamu. It is a town that’s unique in that their traditions are highly exalted and they are followed by everyone. It was the first settlement for the Swahili people and hence it serves as a museum for their culture. Another interesting fact about this place is that there are no vehicles, people in this area use camels and boats as a means of transport.

The place is quiet and peaceful endowed with large beach area, white sand, coconut plantations, few villages and good breezes from the Ocean. This destination should be first in line when you are considering a place to relax and enjoy some unique culture. It is believed getting to this place is easy but leaving it is hard given the experience the tourists get, some have ended up settling in this area. Life here is slow and moves at its own rhythm, this is the perfect get away destination.

A ride on a dhow in the Ocean gives a splendid view of the whole Ocean and the aqua life therein. The hot weather is very conducive for a swim in the ocean and basking in the sun. Tourists also take walks on  the vast sand covering the area.The accommodation options in the area include; Jannataan Hotel, Fatumas Tower, Banana House and Wellness Centre, Jannat House, Sea Shell Inn, Amu house among many. One can also choose to rent a Swahili home in the area and enjoy the culture to the fullest. Being an epitome of culture, Lamu offers the best cuisines in the Swahili culture such as Biryiani, Pilau, nazi and many more. The hospitality sector of this place is on another level. The cost for accommodation in this area ranges from US$ 18 to US$570 per night.


By Air: This is the best option. From Nairobi take a flight to the Manda Island where there is an airstrip.

By Bus: From Mombasa use a ferry or a dhow to Lamu.