Kora national park for a long time has been referred as the ‘The last wilderness’. Ironically, not many people know of the existence of the park. The scenery of the park will blow your mind off. Its endless plains interrupted beautifully by inselbergs or what we know as domed hills with its appearance seemingly ‘float’ above the landscape. The beautiful Tana River with the breathtaking Adamson’s Falls, Grand Falls and the Kora Rapids, form one of the boundaries of the park, with the magnificent doum palms line its banks. Most importantly, the park is featured and famed by the Adamsons’ in the film ‘Born Free’ or ‘The Lioness called Elsa’.

The park, is the former home of the famed wildlife conservationist, George Adamson popularly known as ‘Baba ya Simba’ meaning Father of Lions. It was here that the Lion Elsa, of Born Free fame lived. The park had serious poachers’ problem in 1980s and 1990s, that led to the killing of Adamson in 1989 during a rescue mission. Nevertheless, the park continued to blossom till date. Apart from it being renowned for being home to Lions, the park is filled with several other wild animals: elephants, cheetahs, wild dogs, stripped and spotted hyenas, leopards, lesser kudu, genet, hippos, caracal, lion, serval among others. The park is also a habitat to over 500 insect species, mollusks and more than 40 different reptiles. Wow, what an amazing and mesmerizing place to visit. For some of us, when asked, we can only identify a few insect species, just imagine that there are over 500 different species of those……

Kora National Park is the third largest protected area in Kenya after Tsavo and Meru National Park. The Park covers an area of 1,7800sq km along the riverbanks of Tana River and 125km east of Mount Kenya.  

Fun activities in the park include the following: Game viewing

                                                                                     Rock climbing

                                                                                     Fishing and boat riding

                                                                                      Bird watching (presence of diverse birdlife)

                                                                                      Visiting Adamson’s and Elsa’s grave

                                                                                      Enjoying the view of breathtaking waterfalls

                                                                                      Nature walks



Yes, the park is in the middle of the wilderness but worry not, if you wish to spend a night or more worry not. Its quite affordable for everyone as it ranges from luxury accommodation (Leopard Rock Lodge, Elsa’s Kopje Lodge), Midrange accommodation (Meru Guest House, Kinna Guest House) and Budget accommodation (Murera cottages, Oribi Guest House, Chui and Simba Cottages). They all offer quality services that includes safety, comfort and even relaxation.

Entry fee charges


Adult Ksh. 1030

Children Ksh. 515


Adult USD 52

Children USD 35

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