Situated North of Lamu, within Kiunga Marine National Reserve lies the magnificent and unexploited Kiwayu Island. The paradise has long empty beaches with exquisite snorkeling. Leatherback, loggerhead turtles, green hawksbill, and olive ridley turtles use the area as feeding and nesting site. It is renowned for its long, narrow ridge of sand and baobab trees surrounded by reefs, with a long beach stretching down the eastern side of the island. It gets even more interesting seeing its view from the highest point of the island especially at sunset…..

Its glorious isolation, the striking scenery from the rugged hilltop views to the baobab and coconut trees to the studded beaches to the abundance of aquatic life ranging from sea turtles, dolphins, whales and the timid, endangered sea mammal; the dugong down to the amazing and friendly, low-key local culture are the most attractive features in Kiwayu Island. Other renowned fun activities on the island are: water-skiing, snorkeling, fishing, boogie-boarding and diving off a coral cliff. Trust me, you do not want to be the only one left behind…

There are just two exclusive and stunning resorts; Mike’s Camp famously known as Munira Island Camp, and Kiwayu Safari Village and because of their seclusion and privacy, are referred to as hide-out paradise. If you did not know, Prince William and Mick Jagger were there. All are open-air and decorated with bright cloths, pillowed hammocks and traditional Swahili furniture. Tasty Swahili dishes and also Italian meals with a coastal flair are served there.


It can be accessed by air from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport at 365USD provided there are at least 2 passengers on board.

Or hire a speedboat or dhow-a traditional sailboat, to Kiwayu from Lamu, a popular tourist destination 30 miles to the south. Speedboats take about one and a half hours and cost approximately 350USD. Dhows take about six hours and set you back 220USD.

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