The superb, beautiful, breathtaking and sun kissed marine park is one of its kind, and some refer it as the Magnificent Masai Mara of the sea. Its incredible natural formations, colorful habitats of a wide range of endemic marine animals, breeding migratory birds and the limitless sea life, makes it distinct from the rest of the marine parks. The sea life in Kisite-Mpunguti marine park is so lush that you get to see curious dolphins leaping alongside your boat once in water. The marine park is a protected sanctuary of coral reefs and the small islands, home to dolphins, turtles, innumerable fish and sea birds. It lies in the coral gardens south of Wasini island, encompasses three small coral rag forest islands, each with considerable areas of fringing reef. The marine park is renowned for snorkeling, diving in any direction, bird watching and even sunbathing among other fun activities.

When planning to visit Kisite-Mpunguti marine park and reserve, one should remember to carry the following items along:

Carry sunscreen, this is so important as it will protect you from the strong winds while cruising on the dhow, a hat will not be that effective as tendency of it being blown away by the strong wind is high. So, sunscreen is preferable.

A camera, an extra camera battery, its charger and power bank. With the beautiful scenery that one would be exposed to, surely who on earth would not want to capture such memory for themselves. So yes, a camera is a must on the packing list.

Pack enough towels. Yes, that is very important especially if you are planning to engage in snorkeling or even diving. And who would not want to swim with dolphins at a closer range or proximity, I mean to some of us, it will be an experience of a life time, so yes pack enough towels.

Sun lotions. This is also one of the essentials when packing for the marine park. Kenyan coastal region is known for its high temperature, so yes, if you do not want to be a victim of sun burn, you will have to carry sun lotion as precautionary measure.

Water friendly shoes. In one way or the other, you will interact with water, and that is why its called a marine park. You have to park water friendly shoes for your convenience. It will make your movement easier within the marine park without worrying a lot about what will happen if your good shoes touch water and yet its not a water friendly one.

Swimming costumes. Swimmers and divers, you are aware that this is an essential item, which applies to all of us planning to visit the marine park, yes you have to carry two or even three just to be on the safe side.


Equipment and personnel provided include the following:

                          prescription masks

                          Snorkels/snorkeling equipment

                          Fins and diving equipment

                          PADI/NAUI trained guides and dive instructors

                          Cruising on dhow in the marine park (mineral water and fruits served on board.)


Trip price Snorkeling for non-residents:

Transport included is USD 135(including marine park fee of USD 25)

Transport Excluded is USD 95(including marine park fee of USD 25)

Children from age 3-12 years pay half the price and below 3years is free of charge.

Trip price Snorkeling for Residents:

Transport included is Ksh. 7300

Transport excluded is Ksh. 6800

Children from age 3-12 years pay half the price and below 3years is free of charge.

Diving Charges

For Certified divers, one dive additional pay of USD 40, two dives additional of USD 70

Fun dive additional pay of USD 50


On the southern coast of Kenya near Shimoni and south of Wasini Island, near the Tanzanian border. Kisite-Mpunguti is 120 km (75 miles) from Mombasa and 605km(375miles) from Nairobi. The park is only reached by boat, usually a cruise on a traditional dhow.


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