One of the most excellent places in Kenya to enjoy your special moment with your loved ones is at Kilifi Beach. It’s the place to let your spirit roam as you take a stroll by the waters. Kilifi Beach is located between Mombasa and Malindi town approximately 56 kilometers north of Mombasa. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya due to its un-spoilt nature. Kilifi Beach is just the right place for those looking for a quiet atmosphere to enjoy and have an incredible experience on the Kenyan coast.

Kilifi beach is a wonder of nature with a heavenly and authentic setting. It’s so relaxing and amazing to relax on the stunning white sandy beach. The fine sand is warm and a perfect place to lie down and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you enjoy your drink. It can be used to build magnificent sand crystals right next to the water. Kilifi Beach is also a place of adventure for sunbathing lovers as well as swimmers. The good thing is, the beach is crowd-free hence a perfect spot for people who hate beaches drenched with tourists. There is also a unique feeling that is enhanced by the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean. On a sunny day, it’s so amazingly blue you may find it hard to believe you are at a beach on the Kenyan coast at all.

Kilifi beach is also known for its fantastic beach sporting activities. Some of the water sports you can enjoy at the beach include snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, and sky diving. For kite surfing enthusiasts, you can get a little exploratory during the glorious sunset hours of at night with the full moon. Kilifi beach has strong winds and high waves that make visitors have the fun they crave and thrilling experience. You can also indulge in an underwater adventure and marvel upon fish, sea turtles, octopus, dolphins, and other outstanding marine species. Sounds like some good fun, right?

Several luxurious beach hotels are found near Kilifi beach, where you can enjoy your holiday. They include Kilifi bay beach resort, Silver Palm Spa & Resort, Mnarani Club & Resort, and the charming Lonno Lodge. These hotels charge between 50$ and 400 $. Kilifi beach offers a quick weekend getaway, the ultimate vacation, and the trip of a lifetime.

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