If you’re looking for a homestay where you get to enjoy some sand, sea, and sun, then this is the place for you. Kikambala beach is one of the famous beaches in the northern suburbs of Mombasa City in Kenya. It’s the main beach between Vipingo and Mtwapa. It is situated far from the city, making it the perfect place for tourists who value privacy. This stunning stretch is a different beast to the rest of Kenya’s beaches. You’ll love it! So warm and stunning.

The beach is magnificent with white sand and palms. Kikambala beach is the perfect getaway that gives you a unique opportunity to have fun with your friends and family. The beach is surrounded by coconut palm grooves, which provide excellent shade during the day giving you room to rest and relax as you enjoy the ocean view. Kikambala beach also offers spectacular picture-perfect sights and numerous spaces for tourists to enjoy and have fun. The beach is also shielded with long coral reefs that keep the beach safe and create perfect conditions for tourists to engage in swimming and snorkeling. The white sands also offer visitors with remarkable experiences where you can unwind and enjoy the warmth of the sun. You can take part in beach activities like taking long walks along the shore, surfing, sunbathing, and other water sports.

The stylish seaside escape will leave yearning for more. It’s the perfect place that delivers the highest value for your money in terms of experience. Kikambala is impeccable for a peaceful and relaxing vacation by the ocean. Do you love sea safaris? At Kikambala beach, you have a chance to explore ocean creatures during the glass-bottom boat rides that the beach boys offer at affordable rates from as low as 10$. Notably, the perfect time to visit Kikambala beach is during the dry season from June to mid-April.

Several holiday hotels and resorts are located on Kikambala beach. These mega-resorts in the area have transformed Kikambala beach into something more like the Caribbean. The most appealing of these is Vipingo ridge, which has incredible views of the Indian Ocean. It also has a sprawling hilltop compound and one of the top-rated golf courses in the country. Others include Sun and Sand beach resort, PrideInn Flamingo beach resort, and Jumuia Conference & Beach resort. The cost ranges from 80$ to 300 $ per night.


To get to Kikambala beach, you can use air, road, or railway. From Nairobi, you can fly to Mombasa airport, and the cost ranges from 35$ to 80$. Alternatively, you can board a matatu/bus from Nairobi to Mombasa via Nairobi-Mombasa highway, which ranges from 8$ to 25 $. Besides, you can quickly get to Mombasa using the SGR train, which usually charges 10$ to 30$. Once in Mombasa, you’ll get to Kikambala beach by taxi or matatu minibus.

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