Kereita forest

The forest is extensively known for Ziplining which is the longest in East Africa. The feeling when ziplining in Kereita Forest is like no other as it involves a combination of 6 zip lines. It takes you flying over the dense Kereita Forest offering Unique and stunning view of the landscapes and the forest canopies with a glimpse of Columbus monkeys and elephants beneath while enjoying an adrenaline rush like feeling coupled with fresh mountain air

How safe is the Zipline in Kereita forest?

Yes, it’s advisable to inquire on the safety of the ziplining before trying it out especially for first timers.

It was built and operated by Flying Fox strictly under the adherence of international safety standards. It encompasses six zip lines with short walks between each giving ample opportunities to explore and have fun.

Before doing the actual zip lining, two instructors will take you through safety training as well as practicing on a short, low zip line just to make sure that you are ready for it.

Is it the only fun activity in kereita forest?

No, it’s not. Other activities include the following: Mountain biking, Forest rovers, Paint Balling, Archives, Nature Walks, Tree Planting, Foot Golf, Horse Riding, Camping, Team building, Supervised Play Group for children, the forest is also a home to the breathe taking waterfall of Gatamaiyu river, bird viewing scenery and even the amazing view of wild animals at a closer range.

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