Kenyatta beach popularly known as pirates is the only beach referred by many as public beach in the Kenyan Coastal Region. This is so because the beach is oftenly packed with locals. Once there, you get an impression that you are in a huge amusement park especially in the afternoon where hundreds of people from all ages throng the beach. Just by watching the locals partaking various activities at the beach is fun and entertaining which by the way, begins with the lively road to the beach where you get to see numerous but colorful stalls that has a whole range of things on offer, ranging from African cuisines, arts and crafts to the traditional Swahili clothes. It is a real deal……

It is a wide beach with fine sand, and compared to other beaches in Kenyan Coastal Region, it can be accessed via a nice and wide path that allows you to actually park your car…Though it’s the only beach in Mombasa without hotels, there a number of privately owned properties close to the pirate beach which blend into the attractive setting that makes it more beautiful as it enhances the glimpse of unspoilt natural beauty. These features make it more attractive to both the locals and the tourists that visits the beach in large numbers.

The traditional Kenyan beach life especially from this beach is a real eye-catcher…So, if you get tired of watching the beautiful scenery displayed by the locals at the beach, one can take part in the numerous activities such as ; glass-bottom boats, different kinds of water-sports, camel riding just round off the exotic, oriental and the lively beach atmosphere, scuba diving among others. The beach has also an offshore coral reef where the water is quite shallow giving room for those interested in surfing and kite boarding. Snorkelers can also do it at high tide, I mean at the pirate beach one can do what he/she likes…there is no limit for any activity, don’t be left out, go and enjoy yourself at the Pirate alias Jomo Kenyatta Beach…..

How to get there once in Mombasa.

Distance from Mombasa City Center to the beach is approximately 10.9km. Follow the road for 80m and make sure that you keep slightly to the left, proceed for another 350m then turn left into Jomo Kenyatta Avenue and proceed for 1km and turn right. Follow the road for 1.2km which is actually on Nyali bridge, proceed for 450m and join the Malindi Road, proceed for about 7.6km and turn right. Follow the road for about 300m which will lead you straight to Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach alias Pirates.


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