Hell’s gate National Park.

Located in the Great Rift Valley near Lake Naivasha is the Hell’s gate National Park. This Park is 90 km from the Capital city Nairobi where most  the tourists come from. The name Hell’s gate was informed by the geothermal emissions in the place hence comparing it to the temperatures alluded to in the Bible. The park offers a good scenery and wildlife which include geothermal steam, Volcanoes, gorge, high cliffs, leopards, cheetahs, birds, zebras, buffalos and lions. Activities in this park include; rock climbing, bike riding, hiking, bird watching and camping. The park is also famous for its low park charges which range from Kshs 200 to Kshs. 1700 for children and Kshs. 300 to Kshs. 2,600 for adults depending on their citizenship of the individual. To participate in the above activities, the following items should be packed.



1. Warm Sleeping Bag-This will come in handy in the evenings

2. Warm Clothing for the evenings

3. Medication such as anti-malaria drugs and paracetamol

4. Personal effect and toiletries-this include tissue papers, wipes, undergarments, deodorants and any other necessity.

5. Mosquito repellent-given that hell’s gate is warm, mosquitoes can pose as a challenge for the people camping.

6. Phone or Camera Charger to charge the phones or camera after a long day of using them.

A day Trip-for full adventure of hell’s gate

1. Snacks is to reenergize the participants when climbing or hiking.

2. Sunscreen due to the scorching sun in the afternoons

3. Sunglasses to protect the eyes from direct sun

4. Camera, memory cards and batteries to help in capturing great memories for future use.

5. Back pack to carry all the necessities for the day and to ensure that the hands are free as you climb.

6. Binoculars to view animals such as leopards and lions from afar.

7. Bright Summer Clothes

8. Hat to shield from the scorching sun.

9. Jacket or sweater for the evening

10. Hiking boots-to manoeuver through the terrain

11. Umbrella or rain coat

12. Walking stick to offer more stability in maneuvering through the terrain.

13. Sandals to walk in the hot water springs

14. Hiking shorts



    1. Money This is crucial in hiring a bike from a hotel, cycling gear and storage of your luggage in the hotel or shop as you cycle

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