Right next to Diani Beach lies the breathtaking and to many, a real dream beach with fine, white sand. The atmosphere is equally peaceful not only because of the sandy beaches which is very spacious, but also the low charming tide that is specifically wide and the amazing thing about the low tide, is that you can actually swim which is unusual for the Kenyan Coast. Bordering the beach is Kaya Kinondo, the last remaining jungle on the Kenyan Coast. The jungle is hailed by the local tribes because of its mystical importance.

The beach is also known for kite surfing as it provides a spot for kite surfers in the entire Coastal region in Kenya. With that in place, there are several Kitesurfing schools that have been opened around there for those interested in learning kite surfing. Other than that, one can also enjoy other activities such as jet skiing, kayaking and scuba diving among others. Standing next to the Galu Kinondo beach is Colobus Conservation Centre. It is an organization that was set up to look after injured young monkeys as well as orphaned ones. The conservation receives these primates from all over the coastal region of Kenya. When they become of age, they are returned to the jungle to fend for themselves. It is a fun place to visit as one gets an opportunity to explore and see in person the various monkeys’ species as well as their habitat.

Just along the sandy shores of the beach, is Kinondo Poa Villa. It is a serene place with restricted number of rooms making it private. Most exciting bit is its outdoor swimming pool, tropical garden and the paranomic view of the Indian ocean. The villa contains well-furnished luxurious double rooms with king size bed and balcony in it, Swahili-style décor each with a seating area. An intriguing part is that meals are provided fresh on order whether it is from the menu or not and cooked to your liking which include sea food.

The beach is situated 12 km south of Diani Beach and 40 km from Mombasa’s city Centre. International Airport can be reached within 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive.

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