Exclusive Safari in Samburu National Reserve

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to have fun and a magnificent experience in Northern Kenya, then look no more. Samburu National Reserve is the right place for you. The park is 165km2 in size and is located in Samburu District in the Rift Valley Province, 350km from Nairobi.

It is hot and desert-like, but these disheartening features are the secrets to its fascination. The most appropriate time to visit the park is during the driest months that is December through March and July through October. But that doesn’t mean Samburu National Reserve is not enjoyable in the wetter seasons. The park is popularly known for its unique wildlife that is not seen elsewhere in the region. A safari in Samburu National Reserve is out of the way, and it presents visitors with so much to see and learn.

A safari in Samburu National Reserve will surely bring you insight with unique species such as the Beisa Oryx, Grevy’s Zebra, and the reticulated giraffe. It is also the few parks in Kenya where you have a great chance of seeing African wild dogs. You don’t want to miss this spectacular experience! It’s the true definition of the abundant display of wildlife.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The reserve is home to over 900 of the following peaceful creatures. Primarily, Samburu National Reserve has its share of the big cats. You’re probably wondering what I mean by big cats? These are animals like cheetah, leopard, and lion. You’ll also see other larger grazers like buffalo, impala, hippo, and elephants. Here, you have a chance to see all these animals up-close. The herds gather at the life-sustaining river by the name Ewaso Ng’iro. Beneath the river’s muddy waters, you can spot a significant population of Nile crocodiles waiting for their prey. Isn’t that captivating?

For bird lovers, you’re also not left out. Samburu National Reserve presents a constant display of intriguing avian life- above 450 species. During game drives over the savannah, through the riverine vegetation and acacia forest, you have numerous opportunities to view these birds. They include eagles, guinea fowls, falcons, vultures, kingfishers, Somali ostrich, egret, and marabous, among others.

Despite the excellent animal viewing at Samburu National Reserve, the reserve also gives off a sense of serenity and a peaceful feeling. It’s an experience like no other. Considering the harsh climatic conditions in the locality, Samburu National Reserve is a land of magical possibilities. The reserve not only offers unique experiences, but it’s also one of the parks in Kenya that does not get overcrowded. For this reason, Samburu National Reserve is an excellent choice for first-time safari-goers as well as those who have been on safaris.


Park Entrance Fees;

Adult Non-residents- 70$

Children Non-residents-40$

Adult Residents- 1000 ksh

Children Residents- 500 ksh

Bush Dinner/ Walking Trails- 1000 ksh per person/ per day

Vehicle Charges for the safari

Less than 6 seats- 400 ksh

6 to 17 seats- 1000 ksh

24-25 seats- 2000 kshs

Camping Fees

Adult Non-residents- 30$

Children Non-residents-20$

Adult Residents- 500 ksh

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