The reserve is situated east of Lamu county in Kenya. It covers an area of 877sq km. It is widely known for its beautiful sand beaches and the unique culture of the environment. The reserve derives its name from a river ‘dudongs’ that drains into the Indian ocean. The reserve was established in 1977 and characterized by swamps, grasslands, savannah, forests, thorny bushes and coastal, mangroves, gigantic baobabs and coastal beaches.

Packing for Dodori National Reserve


Pack several pairs of short sleeved shirts and shorts, for ladies can include light dresses. In the parked clothes should be light. This is so because of the hot climatic condition in Lamu.

Walking shoes

Pack most preferably hiking shoes; sneakers of any color which will enable you to navigate the reserve with ease.

Camera, chargers and extra camera and phone batteries is essential.

Everyone in one way or the other would want to capture and store memories of the places that they have once been. Having a camera will help you with that, but the camera should have good lenses and clear enough to capture memorable pictures without even flash light that will work even at night incase of any night game drives.

Toiletries and basic medical kit

Being in a new destination, you must pay keen attention to your health hence a first aid kit, personal hygiene products and toiletries should not miss out on your packing list.

Sun glasses, hats and sunscreen lotions

Due to the climatic condition which is hot, then one should be prepared by packing sun glasses, hats and sunscreen lotion that will prevent one from getting sunburn from the scorching sun. So yes, you should include it in your packing list.

Insect Repellant and Small torch

For those planning to do camping, it is necessary to carry along insect repellant that will prevent one from insect bites at night and torch incase you do camp in not well lite area.

Enough cash and binoculars

Yes, always have extra coins when planning for a trip, you never know an emergency might crop up and having a tight budget will be a disadvantage on your side. Most importantly, make sure that you carry a binocular especially when planning to visit reserves like this and even parks. This will enable you to view game animals at a closer proximity.

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