Diani Beach

Winning 5 awards as the best beach in Africa in a row goes to show that Diani Beach is not any ordinary beach. This destination occupies 17 kilometers of the beautiful white sand in the Kenyan Coastal region, it’s adorned with blue skies that give an exquisite feel and the Indian Ocean offers an opportunity to enjoy the water. This is the perfect destination for anyone who would like to get away from the hustles and bustles of the city life, honeymoon destination and family holidays.

This place is popular for the wide range of water games that tourists take part in such as; diving with the fish and whales, kitesurfing and skydiving. Walking on the sand and enjoy a sooth from it is a must do activity in this destination, most tourists prefer to take walks on the beach as they admire the Indian Ocean and enjoy the breeze that come from the sea in the evenings. The activities in this destination cut across all age brackets (young or old) hence its very convenient for family events. Boat riding in the Lake is a good opportunity to appreciate the size of the Lake and the Aqua life in there.

The accommodation features in this place caters for all the different classes of people, middle class, upper middle class and the luxury seekers. Diana is home to many hotels such as ; the Maji Beach Boutique Hotel, Swahili Beach, Diani Backpackers, Leopard Resort and Spa, Ocean Village Club, Hotel sonrisa, The Villa Luxury suites, Kinondo Poa, Bahari Dhow Beach Villas, Mangro Hotel among many others. Tourists in this destination get to enjoy the delicious Swahili cuisines and seafood which are made by the best chefs in this area. The cost of living in hotels in this destination ranges from us$14 per night for those on a budget to as high as US$556 for the luxurious travelers.


Flying: Take a flight from Nairobi or your closest airport to the small Airstrip in Diani Beach. However, for indirect flights alight in Mombasa Airport and connect to the destination through a taxi or a bus.

Bus: From Mombasa town take a bus to the Likoni ferry, take another bus to Ukunda where you will take the final matatu to Diani Beach.