Central Island National Park

Located in between the Crocodile Lake, Tilapia Lark and Flamingo Lake is the Central Island National Park also known as the crocodile hub. With its exciting volcanoes surrounding, a combination of three lakes and the aqua life in the lakes, this destination though hidden offers a great tourist destination.

Some of the activities in this destination include; game watching, whereby the tourists get to view the different types of animals such as hippos, gazelles, zebras and crocodiles. This park hosts a high population of crocodiles hence its inevitable to get an experienced guide as you maneuver in the park. With a bird population of more than 300 species the Central Island National Park offers a great site for bird watching. Some of the bird species in the park include; skimmers, herons, geese, ibis, kites, egrets and many more.

The access to the three lakes, gives the tourists an opportunity not only to view the Lakes but also to participate in fishing and boat riding. There are over sixty species of fish in these Lakes hence with professional help fishing is one of the adventures to engage in when in this park. Boat rides are also taken on the Lakes from one corner to another as the tourists enjoy the view of aquatic vegetation and birds.

Nature walks are always a win in any destination, in this park it important to have a guide given the crocodile’s population. The tourists are able to view the lakes from different stand points hence getting a mind-blowing experience. Those who are able to get to the flamingo crater get to view a lot of insects and birds and butterflies on their way up. This venue is also convenient for camping so that the tourists are able to enjoy this experience during the different times in a day, mornings and evenings which offer different experience.

There is no accommodation on the Island apart from the campsite hence tourists are advised to utilize the camping option. However, one can get accommodation in the nearby mainland such as Eliya springs resort. The charges for the park are as follows:

Adults- Kshs.300Adults-Kshs 600Adults- $22


  1. By Road:
  2. Route 1: From Nairobi go through Kitale and Lodwar to Kalokol which is south of the lakes, then use a boat to cross over.
  3. Route 2: From Nairobi get to Marsabit then to North Horr
  4. Route 3: From Nairobi get to Maralal then to South Horr
  5. By Air-Access the Lake by Air.

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