Camping at Chyulu Hills National Park

The 500-year-old hills is the youngest volcano mountain in Africa, the Chyulu Hills are located next to Tsavo West National Park. This destination is known for its mind-blowing terrains and landscape, wildlife and birds. Want to experience a bit of Tanzania while in Kenya? Then look no further on these hills one is able to view Mount Kilimanjaro. The best time to visit this destination is during the dry season (January to February and June to October) though the park is always open throughout the year.

Camping in this destination will give any tourist the opportunity to enjoy all that this place has to offer. Given that Chyulu Hills hosts a variety of wildlife such as elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, leopards and zebras it is the best destination to view such animals. Mountain climbing is one of the activities to engage I when camping in this destination, the tourists can witness the volcano erosion that happened and climb through the beautiful black rocks. Want to experience a bit of Tanzania while in Kenya? Then look no further on these hills one is able to view the various species of birds that live in this park.

Let’s go for a horse ride, the park provides an opportunity to learn and enjoy a horse ride which is an exciting adventure for most of the tourists. When camping here one needs to bring along personal effect such as toiletries, mountain climbing gears, warm clothing for the mornings and evenings which can be chilly, binoculars, money and a sleeping bag. I would highly recommend carrying antimalarial drugs and observing mountain climbing precautions in this destination, this will help in minimizing accidents or illness while camping.

There exist two campsites in this destination namely; Kiboko and Kathisayo. Other accommodation places include; Kilimajanro Annex, Sirimon Cottage, Tree Top Hut, Udo Guest House, Sable Cottages, Chui Cottages, Kilimanjaro Guest House and many more.

Charges to the Park are as follows;

Adults- Kshs.350Adults-Kshs 600Adults- $25


By Air: Take a flight in Nairobi to the park which has two airstrips.

By Road:

  • Route 1: From Nairobi, go to Kibwezi then take a right from Mombasa Road to Kithasyo Gate.
  • Route 2: Go through Tsavo West National Park which borders this destination.

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