The reserve is the home to the endangered Grevy’sZebra,elephant,gerenuk,oryx,giraffe,leopard cheetah, hyena and buffalo. The reserve has recorded over 365 species of birds which include the Somali ostriches that are widespread. In 1948, the reserve was established as part of the Isiolo-Samburu game reserve with the present boundaries established in 1985. It covers an area of 131sq km with an altitude between 850-1230m above the sea level.

Curious to know history behind the existence of buffalo springs? It is associated with an old lava flow and olivine basalt volcanic soils plain that experience dry, hot and semi-arid climatic conditions. The reserve also has great features such as the champagne Ride which is found in the southeast and an ancient lava-terrace.

The adventurous journey to the magnificent Buffalo Springs Reserve is a tour of a life time. You will be able to explore the vast land, wild animals and people with a game drive. Enjoy traversing across vast distances with an expert guide while locating diverse wildlife in the reserve. One will be able to have a glimpse of a lion or cheetah kill a prey at a closer proximity, protective elephant mother fends off crocodiles on the beach banks of Ewaso Nyiro River and the playful banter of gazelles on the savanna, experience a guided nature and birding walk that will enable you to discover or unearth small and delicate details of the reserve while unearthing the hidden smaller denizens that creep from bushes, trees and rocks. As you traverse the reserve, one is accompanied by the Samburu community graciously sharing their traditions and beliefs and more so offer a visit to their villages for a complete immersion into their ancient culture. Wow, what else…..

Buffalo Springs Reserve is an alternate choice for guests who desire a discerning and unfettered safari trip in the northern Kenya’s bush country. As one of the hidden landscapes, the reserve offers a serene setting that one can escape into with remarkable flora and fauna.


Samburu Simba Lodge and Ash nil Samburu Camp are the two main accommodations. They not only give you access to Buffalo Springs, but also that of the sister reserve-Samburu Reserve.

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