The reserve located in Garissa county at the coastal region in Kenya is a dry season sanctuary designated for elephants due to the heavy poaching at the time. The reserve covers an area of 1,339sq km and under strict and supervised management by Kenya Wildlife Service. It derived its name from the nearby Boni Forest. The forest reserve has got all tree species that are among the highest in the world hence being declared biodiversity hotspot.

The reserve is renowned for its large herds of elephants among other wild animals that includes various types of birds’ species, possibly including globally threatened species such as Sokoke Pipit. Apart from elephants boni national park boast of the following fun activities for tourists:

    Game viewing

In the reserve, one is able to view the following wild animals apart from the African elephants; topics, buffalos, duiker, generuk, aardwolf, African wild dog, water buck, honey badger, Oribis, porcupine, squirrel, hippos, bush pig, kirk’s, Dik Dik, Lesser Kudu, Warthogs, Lycaon pictus, black backed jackal, caracal, grants gazelles, spotted hyenas, primates; yellow baboon and vervet monkey and the list is endless. Wow, this is a real deal, all these wild animals in one national reserve…..

    Bird watching

The reserve is endowed and blessed to host over 150 various bird species both migratory and residential birds including globally threatened ones. Some of the birds hosted there include the following: violet breasted sunbird, African fish eagle, sanderling, honey buzzard, brown headed kingfisher, carmine bee eater, African darter, hammerkops just but to mention a few. Is this not interesting, where else would you have find such an exhilarating experience of just relaxing and watching birds of different kinds…..

    Nature Guided walks

Tour guides are on standby ready and willing to take you around the reserve that will enable one to experience cool and calm environment with different kinds of birds chirping on the background and the amazing part is that you get to see them with your own eyes as they move around. In there, you will be able to see different kind of tree species that are not recorded elsewhere in Kenya. Its an environment that one gets to unwind from the busy and noisy city environment, a good gate away for a family, friends and even individual.

      Cultural Experience

Apart from the reserve deriving its name from Boni Forest, its also named after the neighboring Boni Community. The community more often displays their artifacts made from woodcarvings obtained from the forest as they share their norms, practices among other traditional activities that sets them apart as a community with the tourists. What an experience…..

How to get there

The reserve can be accessed by road through Garissa which is 7 hours from the reserve. Garissa town is 12 hours 27 minutes from Nairobi.

It can also be accessed by domestic airstrip.

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