Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre

If you’re a great admirer of art and craft, then you must visit this exceptional exhibition. Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre was established in 1969 to benefit the Kenyan community, particularly for people with disabilities. The Cultural Centre is located in the Coast region off Nyali road. The main attractions at Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre include cultural dances, Mijikenda villages, a workshop, and a restaurant serving traditional meals.

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre works with over 80 disabled women and men artisans to empower them economically and assist them in overcoming their physical restrictions. As a result, they become socially integrated members of the community. It’s a place where the disabled learn new skills to produce products that can be sold. The center gives the disabled a livelihood that prevents them from going to beg on the streets. You must pay a visit and see how this Centre has changed the lives of money. The good thing is, you can be part of this change through donations.

For shopping lovers, Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is the right place to buy astounding and unique products. They create high standard crafts such as castings, tailored goods, wood, jewelry, and leather items like handbags in their artisan workshops. Thousands of different designs are produced annually for both international and domestic markets. Paying a visit to Bombolulu workshops gives you have a chance to purchase fine-looking pieces made by gifted artisans.

The best of about Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is their cultural dances. You can’t afford to miss this; it’s eye-catching! The untainted African traditional dance troupes are exclusively prepared for you as a visit to be entertained as you tour the Centre. The dances narrate stories in every sequence and movement. Nonetheless, what will catch your attention are the colorful props, grace dances, and spectacular costumes that each group wears during the dances.

Moreover, at the Centre, you’ll experience traditional homesteads for diverse ethnic communities such as the Mijikenda Kaya, Kikuyu, Swahili, Bukusu, Maasai, and many others. They portray how life used to be in the past. The opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm, and 10 am to 3 pm on Sunday.

If you’re worried where you’ll spend the night, then worry no more. There are fancy hotels located near Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre, and they charge from 15$ to 200$.  They include The Reef Hotel Mombasa, Baobab Holiday Resort, Hotel Bamburi beach, Hillpark Hotel, Pride Inn Nyali, and Hotel Severin Sea Lodge.

Charges: Entrance Tickets

Adults- ksh 750

Children- ksh 350


The turn-off for Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is approximately 3km north of Nyali Bridge. You can board Bombolulu matatus, which pass by the Centre.