Bamburi Beach

Nothing feels better than the clannish atmosphere and uplifting breeze at Bamburi beach. It is an unpretentious beach which is exclusively devoted to tourism. Bamburi beach is a long continuous sandy beach located along the turquoise waters of Mombasa Marine Park.

Bamburi beach has gentle, soothing waves and a cool whispering breeze that leaves the waters calm and warm. The beach is flat with creamy white sand making it an excellent place to relax and have fun. It is also attractive with palm trees. Nonetheless, the beach is quite crowded and busy, making it a perfect fit for family fun.

The most thrilling aspect of Bamburi beach is water sports. The beach is famously known as the haven of water sports, particularly in the afternoons since the tide is high. There are numerous fun activities to engage in, including speed boat racing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, surfing, and traditional sailing. Most importantly, the entire beach is covered by a coral reef about 2kms offshore. It’s spectacular! When the tides are low, the reef helps create calm and shallow seas that are perfect for short boat trips and swimming.

Besides, at Bamburi beach, you have a chance to observe the most amazing sea creatures at a fair cost. There are people around the beach who offer boat rides. You have an opportunity to watch the water creatures at a considerable distance from the shore in the glass-bottomed boat rides. It’s a beautiful experience!

Do you love shopping? Beach shopping is a common practice along Bamburi beach. Exciting merchandise is sold to tourists at the beach, especially curios, necklaces, bracelets, African craft items, and paintings. The secret to a fantastic shopping is bargaining for a better price since the sellers usually quote high prices to new faces.


You don’t have to worry about where you’ll stay or what you’ll eat. Bamburi beach is lined with hotels, bars, and restaurants on the front side, ranging from luxurious to standard levels. The cost of accommodation varies from 100 USD to 250 USD per night. Some of the beautiful hotels include Bamburi beach hotel, Neptune beach resort, Travellers beach hotel & Club, Sarova white sands beach resort, and Yul’s restaurant.


Bamburi beach is situated on the North Coast along the Mombasa-Malindi road and opposite the Bamburi Cement factory. It borders Shanzu beach to the north and Nyali beach to the south. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the beach from Mtwapa or Mombasa City.