Arabuko Sokoke Park

Apart from being home to exquisite beaches and diverse cultures, the coastal Kenya is also home to great parks such as Arabuko Sokoke, Watamu Marine National Park, Mamba Village and many more parks. Located only 100 kilometers from the Mombasa town and 18 Kilometers from Malindi, the Arabuko Sokoke National Park is the best destination for wildlife viewing and home to the largest coastal forest in East Africa. The park hosts the second highest number of butterfly and birdlife in the whole of Africa. The best time to visit the park is during the dry seasons, January to March and July to September annually. During the rainy seasons, the park is still accessible, however the experience is different since one has to use a four-wheel drive car.

The forest and vegetation in the park offer a great destination for nature walks, picnicking, forest drives, camping, cycling and vegetation viewing. Most people, however prefer taking forest drives given that the forest is very large hence this is faster. Did you know that the Park is home to a third of the Kenyan bird population? About 270 species of birds can be viewed in this park most especially in the morning and evening. Some of the rare birds found in this park include; Amani Sunbird, Owls, Scops and Ground Thrush.

When was the last time you saw different types of butterflies? Not to worry, the Araboke Sokoke National park hosts more than 250 species of butterflies. Butterfly watching is one of adventures to partake in in this park. Some of the different types of butterflies found in this park include; Nymphalidae, Charaxes blandae and Charaxes lasti. With the high population (mammals and amphibians) of wildlife in this park every tourist who visits this park partakes I wildlife watching. With the help of a professional guide, the tourists are able to learn the different types of animals in here such as; Savanah elephants, baboons, Vervet monkeys and crickets. The park also acts as a good viewpoint for the Nyali beach and the forest at large. From this park one can access the Gedi town a historical town which was founded in the 13th Century.

The charges for this park areas follows:

Adults- Kshs.300Adults-Kshs 600Adults- $22

This park can be accessed through the Gedi road for private vehicles and through a matatu on Mombasa Malindi highway.

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