An undiscovered Gem in Embu County……Mwea National Reserve.

Mwea is a town in Kenya that’s best known for its rice production which serves the whole country and foreign markets. Most tourists go to this location to see how rice is grown harvested. However, this is just the cake on the cake. Mwea has other great sceneries and parks to offer to the tourists. One of these parks is the Mwea National Park which is located in Mbeere district a distance of 200kilometers from the Nairobi Central District area. This destination offers the tourists an opportunity to view the connection of two major rivers River Tana and River Thiba. Additionally, two dams Masinga and Kamburu are also in close proximity from this destination.

The park has wildlife population such as bufallos, monkeys, giraffes, gazelles, hares, mongoose and various unique species of birds just to mention but a few. The water also hosts many animals such as hippos and crocodiles. The thick vegetation in the ground and the different types of trees offers a serene environment full of fresh air and an opportunity to learn the different types of plants.

While visiting this destination the following should be carried:

  1. Money-This is very crucial as it will come in handy in gaining entrance (park entry fees), payment for boat rides and any other need that may arise on the site.
  2. Water and Snacks- Carry enough water and snacks to carry you through the day, alternatively you can increase the money you carry and buy a meal in the location.
  3. Binoculars-to get a better view of the birds and the animals in the water such as hippos and crocodiles.
  4. Camera- for the memory lovers, this is a must have. It will help in preserving the memories and as a reminder of the exquisite experience.
  5. Guidebooks-This will guide the tourists as they survey through the area and through the thick forest.
  6. Sunscreen and sunglasses-This will help shield the eyes and the skin from direct sun exposure.
  7. Camping facilities-For those intending to spend the night in this destination such as sleeping bag, warm clothing, toiletries, torch and back pack.

Charges for the park are as follows:

Citizen Resident Non-Resident 
Adults KSHChild KSHAdults KSHChild KSHAdults USDChild USD


Flying: Take a flight from Nairobi to the Masinga airstrip which is close by.

By Road: Use the Embu Machanga road or the Thika Matuu road which leasds to Masinga Dam which is close by to the reserve.

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